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All placements are selected "as wearing". For example, a "Left Chest" selection will place the logo on the same side of the garment that is over the heart.

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Text Sizes

Text size refers to the height, in inches, of the Capital Letter. For instance, if you choose 1/2" and the text is "Bob", the capital "B" will measure 1/2". We recommend 3/4" height.

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Embroidery Department

The Work Wear Store's embroidery department is staffed by full-time personnel with nearly fifty years of combined experience. Our technicians stand at the ready to embroider your garments with the utmost quality and care on numerous machines maintained to the highest technological standards. We are one of the few embroidery departments with the machines, skill and knowledge to embroider on rugged Carhartt.

Our website offers an industry-wide unique platform that is designed to make it hassle free for you to order embroidered garments and receive them well within two weeks (if you need it by a certain date, be sure to let us know - rush service is almost always available). This tutorial provides step-by-step instructions on how to use our site.


If you are a returning customer, you should login. If this is your first time visiting our site, you will be asked to create an account when you complete your purchase.

Step 1: Select a Product. Select the desired color, size, and quantity. If you would like to embroider this garment, select "Embroidery Required" under the quantity field and "Add to Shopping Cart".

Step 2: Logos. Selections made in the "Logos" section will apply to all of the garments that you just added to the Shopping Cart (a particular product, color, size and quantity).

  • If you are a customer who is logged in, you can select from your library of existing designs. Size and labels are pre-determined, but you should still select your requested placement on the garment.
  • Regardless of whether you are logged in or not, you can also select a New Logo. Browse your computer to locate the file; you can upload any file type. Select your requested placement and your preferred size of the logo in inches. Please note that a new logo will incur a setup fee that may not be able to be accurately determined until after a customer service representative has been able to view the order. To ensure the highest possible degree of quality, customers submitting orders with a New Logo may be contacted by a customer service representative within one (1) business day of order submission.
  • New Text can also be selected whether or not you are logged in as an existing customer. You can submit up to two lines of text. After entering the text EXACTLY as you would like to see it, please select placement, font, text size, and thread color.

Step 3: Individual Name Customization. If you would like to customize each individual piece of the products you have just added to the Shopping Cart you can do so here. Select placement, font, text size and thread color. Enter the quantity of items to receive a particular name and the text for that name. For instance, if two (2) jackets required the name "Bob", enter a quantity of "2" and text "Bob". Again, please be sure to type names EXACTLY as you would like them to appear. This includes upper and lower case characters, periods, spaces, commas, etc.

Step 4: If you plan on purchasing the same garment with the same embroidery but in additional sizes, select the box directly below name customization. Selecting this box will automatically apply your embroidery selections to the next size you select.

Step 5: If you have any special instructions please enter them in the "Special Instructions" text box.

Step 6: Select Continue.

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